the summit


We are Tripelsum, a family office based in Barcelona. Our investments focus on real estate, financial assets and domestic and international venture capital.

Tripelsumwas born from Inacsa, an industrial company with a 70-year history. This ample experience has carried over to Tripelsumand enables us to diversify our business, adapt and think outside the box.

Our long-term goal is to bring value to the table without compromising on the fundamental values of a sustainable company. We create value for our stakeholders and go that extra mile to offer top-tier management and advisory services.

A groundbreaking vision

We have a new vision for what a traditional family office should be. We are adamant that a diversified business fuels our ability to adapt and take an innovative approach.


Thanks to our business background, we offer business management and analysis services. We guide and support our stakeholdersthrough our advisory board.

Talent and training

We pledge to champion the business ideas of the new generations, nurturing talent and promoting training and business experience.


At Tripelsum we promote and invest in high-impact, high-value projects.