Tripelsum was born from the long corporate history of Industrias del Acetato de Celulosa, S.A., a textile industrial company established in 1948. It remained a pioneering cellulose acetate yarn business until its industrial activities were sold to Eastman Chemical Company in 2019.

INACSA was founded as a strategic industrial business in La Batllòria (Sant Celoni) in 1948


As a strategic industrial business, INACSA went through various episodes of growth, factory expansion and production increases from day one. In 2007, it went public on the Barcelona Stock Exchange through an MBO. It remained listed until the sale of its activities in 2019.

On 1 July 2019, INACSA's assets were sold to the American multinational Eastman Chemical Company and TRIPELSUM Family Office saw the light of day


TRIPELSUM was born to manage family assets with a healthy approach, a diversified investment focus and the development of good projects through a professional vehicle oriented towards sustained asset growth, in line with the family’s shared values and objectives, setting up a framework for intergenerational transmission.