Real estate

Purchase, renovation and management of buildings in prime locations.

Our vision is to create added value, increase the value of assets in the long term and generate the best rental environment for our clients with a nimble approach and an emphasis on sustainability and comfort.

Real estate development

We launch developments in prime locations with innovative, sustainable and high-quality homes. We are committed to our clients’ needs and satisfaction at all times. We also make a positive impact on our employees and partners.

Investment funds

Growth & value

We manage a portfolio with the best selection of financial assets and investment funds with a long-term vision, balanced between value and growth and diversified by countries and currencies.


Sport is in our DNA. Our experience in competition, management and investment in sports projects goes a long way back.

We throw our weight behind sports as a growth industry and support them in their digital transformation, which creates value and makes a positive impact on society.

Venture capital

We guide and invest in start-ups at various stages of development. Each scenario is examined thoroughly and a well-defined methodology (MVP) with high growth potential is applied to foster their development and sustainability over time.